A big number of people want to know how to download Marathi WhatsApp status videos for free? This is the right place for you. Today I will completely guide you about WhatsApp status Videos in Marathi. In India and its, big city Maharashtra where live an  Indo-Aryan family. This family speaks Marathi and slowly it has become part of Maharashtra. Now 120 million people speak Marathi. Maharashtra people commonly speak Marathi. It is also an important language in Goa state of Western India.

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Today, everybody uses WhatsApp for personal use, such as chatting and sending videos, pictures, documents, and files,  and also get many advantages from a single app. People also use it for calls and share their status with their mobile’s contact people. People also upload sad, happy, romantic, funny, motivational quotes, and painful status videos on WhatsApp. But people need an app that can download all social media platforms’ videos in their original language.

You can download all videos in your original language with the help of Vidmate Mod Apk. Vidmate Apk can download videos from all social media platforms and 1000+ websites. You can download your favorite vedios in HD quality.

Marathi Status Video Download for Whatsapp

If you are looking Marathi Status Video Download it for WhatsApp and download it. In this article, we collect a bundle of Marathi video status that you can easily download these vedios with songs and music. If you want to play Marathi vedios simply click on the video. If this video is impressive to you then you can easily share it with your friends, family, relatives, and social media groups.

 You can also save it on your mobile, IOS, and laptop devices. You can also upload your favorite Marathi Status video on WhatsApp and directly share it with your friends. Here, we have a beautiful collection of Marathi vedios, you can easily download them and save them on your mobile device.

Marathi Status Song

Some people are lovers of Marathi songs and they want to put it on their status as Marathi Status song. Vidmate Apk also provides the opportunity to download these songs. You can easily download Marathi status songs in video format, You can download them by clicking on the download button and choosing your language region Marathi in Vidmate. You can also choose the video resolution and HD quality during downloading. After downloading Marathi status songs you can directly share them with your friends.

How to Download Marathi Status Video Song?

To Download Whatsapp Status Videos in Marathi and Free Download is a very simple process.

You can download these Marathi status songs on your Android devices. 

  • First, open “Google” and search here for Marathi Status vedios.
  • Then you see all the results of Marathi Whatsapp status vedios
  • Click on our website link and open it. 
  • After clicking on the website you find all the results of Whatsapp Status Videos in Marathi.

You can play all vedios from our website and can share them with your family and friends.

Best status for WhatsApp in Marathi

Many people want to upload Marathi’s Whatsapp videos on WhatsApp status. If you are also searching to download the Marathi status then you come to are right place. Here I explain all the steps of Whatsapp Status Videos in Marathi and Free Download in 2024.

  1. The video is based on the love of a teenage boy. This video contains both romantic and funny content. 
  2. Girls have precious feelings for their husbands. The Vedio is for girls who have feelings for their husbands.
  3. Creat the vedio about the love story of one handsome boy and a pretty girl. But all of society is against their love.
  4. Create a vedio about the parents, especially about the father’s kindness and how he sacrifices his ambitions for us and teaches us several life lessons.
  5. The vedio about successful people of the world teaches us the true meaning of our life. This vedio wants to become a life-changing and motivational vedio. 
  6. Create an amazing vedio about a song that this song will help you to freshen your mind and become a source of peace for your soul.
  7. The vedio about our lifestyle and our behavior with others. It will help us to make it much better. 

WhatsApp Marathi with Comedy

We are tired from working all day and feel bored. We want to relax and make better our mood.  Funny vedios are the best way to improve our moods, we feel fresh and happy. There are some Marathi funny WhatsApp status vedios that you can save on your mobile and share on Whatsapp status.

  1. One outstanding funny vedio is of a nice couple that they are speaking loudly and fighting with each other.
  2. One amazing vedio about the student’s condition is their condition during exams when teachers stand around them.
  3. One vedio has a great message to leave smoking and drugs. But it represents in a very funny way.
  4. One vedio of a naughty and funny boy who gives details to his girlfriend.
  5. The vedio of two funny friends groups that win the race on the side of the river. 
  6. A Marathi vedio with a Marathi song in which a fast bike rider stands on a petrol pump to take petrol for his bike and he communicates in a very funny way with the petrol man.

Marathi Vedio of the 30s

We know that the Whatsapp status vedios duration is only 30s which is very minimal timing. A good vedio easily approaches this timing.  You don’t need to cut, trim, and adjust the long vedios for status. We provide top and trending vedios on social media for WhatsApp status.

  1. It has an amazing and unique video to inspire and motivate people to become successful in their lives.
  2. Now some movies are new in 2024 therefore it has one vedio for a short movie known as Ventialtor.
  3. It has the best and loveliest songs to show your love.
  4. It has an amazing vedio that hearts the soul and makes one for you that please give me some important messages.
  5. It has amazing editing of a popular movie dialogue Duniyadri and makes it short to 30 seconds.
  6. Making a vedio about the love story that the girlfriend can not tell his boyfriend about his love.


What is the Marathi meaning in life?

जीवन(n) जन्म(पु∘) जीव(पु∘) प्राण(पु∘) जीवित   ( life(n) birth(pu∘) jiva(pu∘) prana(pu∘) living(n)

Is WhatsApp status important?

People use WhatsApp statuses in their daily lives and update their friends. These statuses disappear after 24 hours automatically. 

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