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WhatsApp status videos in Marathi from Vidmate are a unique way to express oneself and connect with others on this amazing platform. By using these video platforms, you can share your thoughts, creativity, and emotions about some specific issues and experiences in front of a huge audience. In this way, you can enhance your creativity and way of thinking and get inspiration.

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You can convey or express love, motivation, and friendship, and in short, you can simply add humor to your profile. Marathi status videos have got you covered.

If you are waking up in the morning, ready to take on the day, feel inspired. You want to share your wonderful and positive vibes with your family and friends. And what better way to do it than by using these captivating Marathi status videos? With just a few taps, you can find a wide variety of videos that are perfectly tailored to your interests, preferences, and moods. You can share your enthusiasm with the world.

What is a WhatsApp status video in Marathi?

WhatsApp status videos in Marathi can tell the story. These videos enable you to express your thoughts, emotions, and moods in a way that is beyond words. with a mixed combination of music, visuals, and sometimes even text. You can create a powerful and memorable narrative that resonates with your audience. It may be a heartfelt message about love, a motivational quote, or a funny skit. All these videos have the power to have a long-lasting impact on evoking emotions.

This stunning app has a wide variety of categories available, which are truly impressive. Marathi status video categories for everyone, such as a comedy enthusiast, a romantic at heart, or someone who loves celebrating festivals. These abilities ensure that you never run out of options and can find the perfect videos according to your mood. A seamless sharing experience allows you to spread inspiration, laughter, and joy with the people who matter to you.

charming and amazing key features of WhatsApp status videos in Malathi

There are many key features of WhatsApp status videos in Malathi; some are bellowed.

Privacy settings

WhatsApp status videos in Malathi enable you to control who can watch status videos. You can select to share them with all contacts and choose specific individuals. This enables you to be more secure or control of your privacy.

Status updates

This entertaining app enables you to share short videos to let your contacts know what you are up to. It is a fantastic way to share moments from your day and express your thoughts.

 View count

 WhatsApp status videos in Malathi allow you to see the number of views your status videos have received and watch. This helps you see how many people have interacted with and watched your videos.

Reply to status 

This brilliant app enables you if your status in which you are interested or you like, then you can reply to it by sending a direct message. This amazing feature encourages more engagement among friends and more interactive conversations.

Multiple videos

You can create a sequence of videos for your contacts to watch and also you can upload multiple videos as your status. This charming feature enables you to tell a story through your status videos and share a series of moments.

Filters and effects 

WhatsApp status videos in Malathi provide a variety of filters and effects that you can apply to your status videos. This adorable feature makes them more visually appealing. Using these filters and effects adds a creative touch to your videos.

Text and emojis 

By using this wonderful app, you can add text and emojis to your status videos. It allows you to express your emotions, add captions, and highlight key points in your videos.

Status duration

It depends on you to choose how long your status videos will be visible to your contacts. It allows you to set the duration to 24 hours or shorter periods. It is according to your preference.

Status Privacy

In WhatsApp status videos in Malathi, you have the option to hide your status from specific contacts. If you do not want to share your status videos. You can easily exclude or expel them from viewing your updates.

Status mute

If you do not like to see or watch someone’s status videos. You can mute their status updates. This stunning feature gives you a more personalized experience, like being able to control whose status videos appear in your feed.

Additional key features of WhatsApp status videos in Malathi

There are some additional key features of WhatsApp status videos in Malathi.

  • Allow you to update your status.
  •  You should set the privacy setting.
  • You can see the view of your status.
  • You can mute the status.
  • Allow me to reply to the status.
  • You set status privacy.
  • Set status duration.
  • You use emojis to express moods and also use text.
  •  Very wonderful filters and effects.
  • You can upload many videos at the same time.

How to free download WhatsApp status videos in Malathi?

If you are inspired by this charming and entertaining app, then install or download this amazing app and start chilling and enjoying it. You can download this status downloading app by following these steps.

  •  Ensure an Internet connection on your mobile phone.
  • Go to the Google Play Store app on your mobile phone.
  • Then, go to the search bar and search for WhatsApp status videos in Malathi.
  • Now, write the name of this amazing app and click the search button.
  • A list of apps and feedback related to free downloading WhatsApp status videos in Malathi you see.
  • Then, press the download button and this Chaming app will start downloading.
  • Now, click the install button to install the entertaining app on your mobile phone.
  • Wait to complete the installation process.
  • After that, this app is ready to use. Enjoy this amazing app.

FAQs related to WhatsApp status videos in Malathi and free downloads

Q.No. 1 Why do people prefer the latest version of the WhatsApp status videos in the Malathi app rather than its original version?

Ans. This latest version is more fantastic and entertaining than its original version.

Q.No.2 Is it safe to download the WhatsApp status videos in the Malathi app for your mobile phone?

Ans. Yes, it is safe and secure for your mobile phone.


WhatsApp status videos in Malathi is a very entertaining and charming app. It is very easy to use and for chatting with your friends and family. You can explore your thoughts, moods, and emotions by using text or even by using emojis. So, do not waste your precious time downloading it and enjoy its amazing features.

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